Nothing frustrates me more than young women, or women in general, consciously allowing themselves to be weak, dependent and needy with a boy. Girls who allow themselves to be treated poorly and with disrespect time and time again are somehow baffled by the fact that the cycle with this same individual continues, yet each time they’re disrespected they move on from it and give that person another chance. I guess because I had a relationship where I wasn’t treated how I deserved to be treated it bothers me seeing others go through what I went through. But in my eyes what happened to me was a lesson, not an opportunity to state how loyal you are to a completely unworthy fool. I realized that someone giving me so little when I gave them so much wasn’t what a relationship or love was. It’s being disrespected and unappreciated. Some people are so warped into thinking that they don’t deserve the absolute best for themselves. It’s so disheartening because I’ve been there. I guess what I’m trying to say, is if women had higher standards and lived their lives as independent people who were only looking for a partner to add to their life not make their life, than relationships wouldn’t be such a complete shit show. No one is going to fix you and no one is going to love someone who can’t manage to love themselves. Bad relationships spawn from douchey, arrogant teen boys mistreating weak and non-confident young women. In order for happy and successful relationships to prosper, two individuals both kind and respectful who have confidence in themselves and love themselves, enjoy the other person and are able to love the other person because they’re fine with who they are. The company of that other individual simply enhances the persons life… It does not define it.